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Laugical Games is a computer game development and publishing company dedicated to supporting independent game developers in achieving professional success across global virtual marketplaces.

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Watch VilleTown: Brave New World

By Laugic

Alexander Hebert, or Laugic, is the founder of Laugical Games. He is the sole maker of everything VilleTown. Laugic has a mastery of the Gamemaker coding language as well as numerous others.

This is the trailer to VilleTown: Brave New World, an update dramatically changing the original VilleTown. Brave New World introduces new game features such as diverse biomes, special units, defensive buildings, and quests. Enjoy!


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Laugical Games was founded in 2016 by Alexander Hebert and Theo Kalantzakos and has rapidly grown ever since. We are always working on new titles offered by numerous developers. Take a look at the games we've published and check them out on the steam or app store!


VilleTown: Brave New World

Update Release Date: June 23rd

VilleTown is a City-Building Tower Defense game where players must explore, expand, protect, and lead their VilleTown to prosperity against countless challenges.

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Coming Soon!

CODE is a thrilling puzzle-game where players must uncover the true mystery of the code. Can you figure out how to press start?

And many more to come!

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